Gastric Cancer Clinical Trial Finder: Carebox and GCF Collaboration

Carebox and GCF Launch Innovative Clinical Trial Finder for Gastric Cancer

In an unprecedented move, Carebox, a renowned provider of clinical trial matching solutions, and the Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF), a committed not-for-profit organization advocating for gastric cancer research and patient support, have joined hands to launch the GCF Clinical Trial Finder. This novel web application is aimed at creating an accessible platform for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to efficiently search and match with pertinent gastric cancer clinical trials.

Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Search

The GCF Clinical Trial Finder operates on an online questionnaire, which instantly matches patient criteria with relevant clinical trials. Offering support through clinical trial navigators via phone or email, the system promises a seamless experience for its users. The database backing the trial finder synchronizes daily with, ensuring up-to-date information and maximum trial match possibilities.

Human-supervised AI for Enhanced Matching

Setting itself apart, the application employs human-supervised AI to convert unstructured text into a searchable index, significantly improving the efficiency of clinical trial matching. This state-of-the-art technology provides an edge to the platform, promising enhanced patient outcomes and marking a significant advancement in the field of clinical trial matching.

Advocating for Expanded Research and Patient Outcomes

Integrated into GCF’s website, the application also features a widget for scheduling appointments with navigators, adding another layer of patient support. The collaboration between Carebox and GCF reflects the unwavering commitment of both organizations to enhance patient outcomes and advocate for expanded research. The Executive Director of GCF, Stacie Hershman, underscores the importance of this partnership, emphasizing the potential to make the latest gastric cancer treatment options more accessible to the community.

With the launch of the GCF Clinical Trial Finder, Carebox and GCF have set a precedent for future initiatives, showcasing how technology and collaboration can significantly impact patient care and treatment accessibility. The platform further aligns with GCF’s mission to find a cure for gastric cancer, providing hope and tangible support to patients and their families.


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