Transitions in Healthcare: psychological support across the lifespan


Dr Zoey Malpus

Dr Zoey Malpus is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist based at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. She has been working in the NHS for over 25 years and her current clinical role is split between pain management and cardiothoracic  transplant, working alongside the surgeons to help people to prepare for and live well after such life-changing surgery. Zoey has been using Compassion Focused Therapy in her physical health work since 2011.

The CFT approach is a new development in physical health because it specifically addresses “striving” an area that had not previously been addressed by more traditional “fear-avoidant” models. Zoey has developed this work into CFT for Pain Management groups which she has been delivering since 2015. Zoey has now run 33 CFT for pain groups with highly statistically significant and clinically meaningful outcomes. 

Compassion-based approaches are also highly relevant to understanding shame in medical settings. Many people with long term conditions report that they have experienced iatrogenic distress, caused by health professionals either not believing their symptoms or making them feeling judged and as though “your suffering is your own fault”. CFT can help us to understand this very normal trauma response to such invalidation and offers more non-judgmental and courageous ways to respond self-assertively to this unfairness.

Zoey is currently chair of the Physical Health Special Interest Group of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, UK. She was previously an elected Council Member of the British Pain Society (2016-19) and she has contributed to numerous national guidelines and core standards for Pain Services in the UK. 

Dr Phil Kelly

Phil Kelly (he/him) is a senior clinical psychologist working at TransPlus, the first integrated Gender, Sexual Health and HIV service commissioned by NHS England, based at 56 Dean Street. He works primarily in the wellbeing arm of the service supporting Trans and Gender Expansive (TGE) people who are experiencing mood and psychological difficulties that interact with, or impact on, gender identity. Phil privileges a systemic and compassion-based approach to one-to-one and group work when supporting TGE people along their individual journeys. 

Dr Maeve Cushnahan

Specialist Clinical Psychologist, Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland.

My interest in the world of Paediatrics & Clinical Health Psychology has been long-
standing; starting with my first assistant psychology role in 2006. Further to
completion of my clinical training in 2010, I worked as part of a Community
Paediatric Psychology Service within the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust
in Northern Ireland. This gave me the opportunity to work with young people, and
their families, as they sought to manage the daily practical and emotional impact of
living with a long-term health condition.

I moved to join the Clinical Health Psychology Service in the Northern Health &
Social Care Trust (NI) in 2016. In 2019, my role adapted to its current form; working
within the Paediatric & Neonatal Clinical Psychology Service with young people living
with Epilepsy and Diabetes and their families, and also within the adult Clinical
Health Psychology Service; specifically with young adults (aged 18-26 years) living
with diabetes. I am very fortunate to work within the only Clinical Psychology role in
Northern Ireland dedicated to providing support to young people living with diabetes,
as they negotiate the developmental stages and transition from Paediatric to Adult
Services. Alongside this, I have the opportunity to engage with, and support, the
wider systems of which they are a part. I have a particular interest in how
psychological challenges and personal resilience present across the developmental
stages, and within a family and wider system.

Dr Rhianna Ketley

Rhianna Ketley is a Senior Clinical Psychologist working at the Mortimer Market Centre, which is a sexual health and HIV service in central London. She supports people living with HIV, sexual health issues, sexual risk and psychosexual problems. Rhianna is the psychologist for the service’s TEAM clinic, a multidisciplinary team supporting young people living with HIV with the transition from child to adult HIV services.

Dr Zazie Lawson 

Zazie Lawson (they/them) is a newly qualified clinical psychologist working in the wellbeing arm of TransPlus, the first integrated Gender, Sexual Health and HIV service commissioned by NHS England, based at 56 Dean Street. They draw on narrative, systemic and compassion-based approaches, as well as advocacy principles to work alongside trans and gender expansive people who may be experiencing distress. 


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